Shipping delays will occur due to restrictions in Victoria.

Pre-Order Schedule

Updated: 9th Sept, 2020

*The last Print Library runs for the year are all now fulfilled or in-transit to me. I’ll be reopening the Library next year when COVID related life/restrictions have calmed.


  • Pre-Order Print Library for Print Run Leaving Sunday 5th July (1st Sunday of the month). 

Update 10th August - Shipment has now left the printers.  

  •   Pre-Order Print Library for Print Run Leaving - Sunday 17th May (Third Sunday of the month).

UPDATE: 9th Sept - some of the prints were missing from this shipment and a couple of prints had flaws. I have had the printer reprint these. Tracking for the reprints is stating delivery to me Monday 14th Sept. I will be expressing them on ASAP. Please email me at if you are not in a position to wait any longer, I shall refund immediately. Thankyou.

UPDATE: 10th August - This shipment just arrived!!! woohoo! I'll be processing it over the next couple of days and shipping asap! Thank-you for your patience on this one :)